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Sr. no. Book TitleAuthorLibrary Entry No
1Open-Channel HydraulicsVen Te Chow1
2Advanced Design in Structural SteelJohn E. Lothers2
3An Introduction to the Theory of ElasticityR.V. Southwell3
4Advanced Reinforced ConcreteClarence W. Dunham4
5An Introduction to Determinants and MatricesF. Bowman5
6Ground Water and SeepageM.E. Harr6
7Behavior of Prestressed concrete members reinforced with unbonded tendeons and bonded unstrressed strands Duzan Vernon Brandt, JR., B.S.C.E.7
8Building Constrtuction Estimating George H. Cooper8
9Building Constrtuction Estimating George H. Cooper9
10Building Construction HandbookFrederick S. Merritt (Ed.)10
11Village Technology HandbookVITA11
12Mathematical TablesJames Pryde F. E. I.S.12
13Bridge Calculation and Design for Steel BridgesD.Y. Hill13
14Construction Estimating and Job PreplanningGeorge E. Deatherage14
15Construction Estimates: From Take-off to BidNorman Foster15
16Construction Company Organization and Management: Practical Construction ManagementGeorge E. Deatherage16
17Construction Office AdministrationGeorge E. Deatherage17
18Concrete Technology: PracticeD.F. Orchard18
19Intermediate Structural AnalysisC.K.Wang19
20Concrete and ConcretingA. Tretyakov20
21Practical MathematicsLouis Toft21
22Practical MathematicsLouis Toft21-A
23Combined Bending, Shear and torsion on semi continous L -Beams with StripsKondhamur Srinivasan Rajagopalan 22
24Composition and Properties of ConcreteGeorge Earl Troxell23
25Composition and Properties of ConcreteGeorge Earl Troxell24
26Design of Prestressed Concrete Beams: with tables for the determination of beam cross sections William H. Connolly25
27Design of Steel StructuresEdwin H. Gaylord26
28Design and Construction of Ports and Marine StructuresAlonzo DeF. Quinn27
29Building Construction And DrawingCharles F. Mitchell28
30Design of Prestressed Concrete StructuresT,Y. Lin29
31Development of Continuity between Precast-Prestressed Concrete Beams Utilizinf Post-TensioningKay G. Blahauvietz30
32Digital Computer FundamentalsThomas C. Bartee31
33Digital Computer FundamentalsThomas C. Bartee32
34Deterioration, Maintenance, and Repair of StructuresSidney M. Johnson33
35Deterioration, Maintenance, and Repair of StructuresSidney M. Johnson34
36Annual report of River and Climatological data of Pakistan prepared by Surface water hydrology project Wasid WAPDA lhr35
37Engineering: Principles and ProblemsLee H. Johnson36
38Engineering Law and the I.C.E. ContractsMax W. Abrahamson37
39A Manual of Engineering Drawing for students & DraftsmanCharles J. Vierck38
40Elementary Theory of StructuresChu-Kia Wang39
41Foundation ConstructionA. Brinton Carson40
42Foundation EngineeringG.A. Leonards41
43Foundation Analysis and DesignJoseph E. Bowles42
44Formulas for Stress and StrainRaymond J. Roark43
45Folded-Plate [Hipped-Plate] StructuresJoachim Born44
46Handbook of Brick Masonry ConstructionJohn A. Mulligan45
47Introduction to Matrix Methods of Structural AnalysisHarold C. Martin46
48Introduction to the Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Stress and StrainA.J. Durelli47
49Joints and Cracks in ConcretePeter L. Critchell48
50Basic Engineering ScienceArthur Morley49
51The Steel Skeleton: Elastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker49-A
52The Steel Skeleton: Plastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker50
53Principles of HeatHarnam Singh51
54Pre-Stressed Concrete: Theory and DesignR.H. Evans52
55Ground Water Manual: A Water Resources Technical PublicationsU.S. Interior Deptt.53
56Prestressed Concrete Designer’s HandbookP.W. Abeles53-A
57Precast Reinforced ConcreteP. Dyachenko54
58Project EngineeringVictor G. Hajek55
59Practical Quality Control for ConcreteJoseph J. Waddell56
60Pile FoundationsRobert D. Chellis57
61Pile FoundationsRobert D. Chellis58
62Foundations of StructuresClarence W. Dunham59
63Raft Foundations: The Soil-Line Method of DesignA.L.L. Baker60
64Reinforced Concrete Designer’s HandbookChas. E. Reynolds61
65Reinforced Concrete: Designer’s HandbookChas E. Reynolds62
66Ground Water and SeepageM.E. Harr63
67Reinforced Concrete FundamentalsPhil M. Ferguson64
68Concrete ManualU.S. Interior Deptt.65
69Simplified Masonry Planning and BuildingJ. Ralph Dalzell66
70Structural Design and PracticeCyril S. Benson67
71Statically Indeterminate StructuresJack R. Benjamin68
72The Critical-Path MethodL.R. Shaffer69
73The Steel Skeleton: Elastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker70
74The Steel Skeleton: Elastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker71
75Treasure of RCC DesignsSushil Kumar72
76The Steel Skeleton: Plastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker73
77Timber Design and Construction HandbookTimber Engg. Company74
78The Steel Skeleton: Plastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker75
79Structural Design V.N. Baikov, S.G. Strongin75-A
80The Design of Shells: A Practical ApproachAlbin Chronowicz76
81Surface IrrigationL. J. Booher77
82Geology in EngineeringJohn R. Schultz, Arther Cleaves 78
83Design of TVA Projects Civil and Structural DesignUS Tennessee Valley authority79
84Theory of StructuresS.P. Timoshenko80
85Theory of StructuresS.P. Timoshenko81
86Theory of StructuresS.P. Timoshenko82
87The Personality of ALLAH’S last Messanger MUHAMMAD (SAWW)Abdul Waheed Khan83
88Strength of MaterialsFerdinand L. Singer84
89Engineering Mechanics Statics and DynamicsRC Hibler85
90Visual C++Davad A Holzgang86
91Design of Suspension BridgeSheik Wajehuddin 87
92Modern Prestressed Concrete DesignG.S.Ramaswamy88
93Reinforced Concrete Designer’s HandbookChas E. Reynolds89
94The Steel Skeleton: Elastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker90
95The Steel Skeleton: Plastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker91
96Visual C++ 5 Power tool kitRichard C Leinecker92
97Inside 3d Studio Max 2Ted Boardman, Jermyhubberr93
98Introduction to Computer theory Daniel I. A. Cohen94
99Turbo C/ C++ / the complete reference Herbert Schildt95
100The Steel Skeleton: Elastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker96
101The Steel Skeleton: Plastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker97
102The Steel Skeleton: Elastic Behaviour and DesignJ.F. Baker98
103Concrete n Developing Countries IEP-CSCE-UET100
104The Treatmenmt of Industrial WastesEdmund B. Besselievre101
105Systems Approach to Water ManagementAsit K. Biswas (Ed.)102
106Hydraulics Horace W. King103
107Design of Steel StructuresEdwin H. Gaylord (Ed)104
108Theory of Plates and ShellsStephen P. Timoshenko105
109Steel StructuresWilliam McGuire106
110Turbo C++ Programming for the PC Robert Lafore107
111Mechanics of StructuresS.B. Junnarkar108
112Structural Engineering HandbookEdwin H. Gaylord (Ed)109
113Water Power EngineeringH.K. Barrows110
114Highway EngineeringDr. S.K.Khanna, Dr. C.E.G.Justo111
1153D studio Max 2Setven Elliott, Phillp Miller and etc112
116Modern Operating SystemAndrew Short tanenbaun113
117Practical MathematicsLouis Toft114
118ACI Manual of Concrete Practice 1976American Concrete Institute115
119Building ConstructionArora and Gupta116
120Fluid Mechanics: Through Worked ExamplesD.R.L. Smith117
121Engineering for DamsWilliam P. Creager118
122Engineering for DamsWilliam P. Creager119
123Engineering for DamsWilliam P. Creager120
124Microprocessor System Design Alan Clements121
125Railway Track EngineeringJ.S. Mundrey122
126MicroSoft Workgroup add on fo windowsUser’s Guide 123
127Engineering Mechaincs dynamicsRC Hibler124
128Foundation Analysis and DesignJoseph E. Bowles125
129Design of Concrete StructuresArthur H. Nilson126
130Earthquake EngineeringRobert L. Wiegel128
131Reinforced concrete structuresDr. B.C. Mia Achoke K. Jain, Arun K. Jain129
132Statically Indeterminate StructuresChu-Kia Wang130
133Applied Structural Design of BuildingsThomas H. McKaig131
134Reinforced Concrete StructuresR. Park132
135Handbook of applied hydrulicsCalvin Victor Davis133
136Railway EngineeringS.M. Yameen Nachsch134
137Design and Construction of Concrete RoadsR.A.B. Smith135
138Rail Roads Curves and EarthworkC.Frank Allen, S.B.136
139StructuresW.T. Marshall137
140Hydraulics and Fluid MechanicsE.H. Lewitt138
141A Geology for EngineersF.G.H. Blyth139
142Elementary Surveying and Map ProjectionA.H. Jameson140
143Basic Engineering ScienceArthur Morley141
144Basic Engineering ScienceArthur Morley141-A
145Inspection and Gaging Clifford W. Kennedy142
146Elementary Applied MechanicsArthur Morley143
147Strength of MaterialsArthur Morley144
148Concrete Materials and PracticeL.J. Murdock146
149Thermodynamics applied to heat enginesE.H. Lewitt147
150Applied ThermodynamicsA.C. Walshaw148
151Textbook of ServomechanismsJohn C. West149
152Elements of Soil Mechaics for civil nd minning EngineersG.N. Smith150
153Theory of StructuresH.W. Coultas 151
154Reinforced ConcreteJohn Faber152
155Concrete Production and ControlUS Tennessee Valley authority153
156Roads by R.G. Baston. R.G. Baston. 153-A
157Design handbook in accordance with strength design method of ACIACI Committee154
158Aerodynamics for Engineering StudentsE.L. Houghton155
159Principles of Modern Building (Volume – 1)F.M. Lea ( Dir.)156
160Principles of Modern Building: Floors and RoofsF.M. Lea ( Dir.)156-A
161Building Science Alfred G. Geeson157
162Building Science MaterialAlfred G. Geeson158
163Building Science MaterialAlfred G. Geeson159
164Introduction to Structural MechanicsTrefor J. Reynolds160
165Environment and ServicesPeter Burberry161
166Design of Concrte StrcutureGeorge Vinter, Arther H. Nilson162
167Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds163
168Physical and Geotechnical Properties of SoilsJoseph E. Bowles164
169Britain and Atomic Energy 1939-1945Margaret Gowing164-a
170Bridges and MenJoseph Gies165
171Modern British BridgesDorothy Henry166
172Design of Small DamsUS Interior Department167
173Municipal Engineering Law and AdministrationJ.B. Wikeley168
174Models for Structural ConcreteB.W. Preece169
175Fundamentals of Rock MechanicsJ.C.Jaeger170
176The Analysis of Engineering StructuresA.J.S. Pippard171
177The Analysis of Engineering StructuresA.J.S. Pippard171-A
178Studies in Elastic StructuresA.J.S. Pippard172
179The Safety of StructuresSir Alfred Pugsley173
180Optimum StructuresW.S. Hemp174
181Structural Steel WorkF.W. Lambert175
182Modern British BridgesDorothy Henry176
183A Span of Bridges: An Illustrated HistoryH.J. Hopkins177
184The World’s Great BridgesH. Shirley-Smith178
185Historical Steam LocomotivesO.S. Nock179
186Railways in the New Air AgeRolt Hammond180
187The Making of a RailwayL.T.C. Rolt181
188SurveyingR.H. Dugdale181
189Mechanical Engineering: RailwaysJ.B. Snell182
190British Railway Signalling: A Survey of 50 Year’s ProgressO.S. Nock184
191Essays in SteamJohn F. Clay185
192British Steam Locomotives at WorkO.S. Nock186
193Steam LocomotivesAlan Williams187
194RoadsR.G. Batson188
195Modern Dredging PracticeRolt Hammond189
196Wells and Bore-Holes for Water SupplyJ.E. Dumbleton190
197Water Treatment and ExaminationW.S. Holden (Ed.)191
198The Law of Public CleansingJ.F. Garner192
199Reinforced and Prestressed concrete designEugene J. Obrien Andrew S. Dison193
200Refuse DisposalEnvironment Dept, England194
201Elementary Applied MechanicsArthur Morley195
202Principles of Modern Building: Floors and RoofsF.M. Lea ( Dir.)196
203Principles of Modern Building: Floors and RoofsF.M. Lea ( Dir.)197
204Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds198
205Structural Steel WorkTrefor J. Reynolds199
206Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds200
207Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds201
208Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds202
209Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds203
210Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds204
211Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds205
212Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds206
213Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds207
214Building FailureBRE., England.208
215Building FailureBRE., England.209
216Dams and EmbankmentsBRE., England.210
217Dams and EmbankmentsBRE., England.211
218Wind and Snow LoadingBRE Builsing212
219Wind and Snow LoadingBuilding Research, England213
220Fire ControlBRE., England.214
221Fire ControlBRE., England.215
222ConcreteBRE., England.216
223ConcreteBRE., England.217
224Demolition Waste: Environmental Resources LimitedEnvironmental Resources Limited218
225Demolition Waste: Environmental Resources LimitedEnvironmental Resources Limited219
226Remedial Treatment of BuildingsBarry A. Richardson220
227Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds222
228Structural SteelworkTrefor J. Reynolds223
229Matrix Analysis of StructuresK.H.M. Bray224
230Elementary Structural Design in Con crete to CP 110A.W. Astill226
231Elementary Structural Design in Concrete to CP 110A.W. Astill227
232RoadsR.G. Batson228
233Fluid Mechanics for Engineering StudentsJ.R.D. Francis228
234Fluid Mechanics for Engineering StudentsJ.R.D. Francis229
235Strength of Materials and Structures: An Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids and StructuresJohn Case230
236Strength of Materials and StructuresJohn Case230
237Strength of Materials and StructuresJohn Case231
238Matrix Structural AnalysisRonald L. Sack232
239Engineering Surveying: Problems and SolutionsF.A. Shepherd233
240Composite StructuresECCS234
241Composite StructuresTechnical General Secretariat of ECCS235
242Materials Management on Building SitesIan E. Chandler236
243An Introduction to Soil Mechanics and FoundationsC.R. Scott237
244An Introduction to Soil Mechanics and FoundationsC.R. Scott238
245Post-Tensioned Prestressed ConcreteC.B. Wilby239
246Post-Tensioned Prestressed ConcreteC.B. Wilby240
247Design Graphs for Concrete Shell RoofsC.B. Wilby241
248Design Graphs for Concrete Shell RoofsC.B. Wilby242
249Prestressed Concrete Beams: Design & Logical AnalysisC.B. Wilby243
250Prestressed Concrete BeamsC.B. Wilby244
251Wind Loading on BuildingsAngus J. Macdonald245
252Wind Loading on BuildingsAngus J. Macdonald246
253Concise Soil MechanicsM.J. Smith247
254Concise Soil MechanicsM.J. Smith248
255Microsoft MS Dos 6.22Microsoft coorporation 249
256The Autocad productivity bookA. Ted Schaefer, jemas L. Brittair250
257The Measurement of Soil Properties in the Triaxial TestAlan W. Bishop251
258The Measurement of Soil Properties in the Triaxial TestAlan W. Bishop252
259Analysis of Groundeater FlowA.J. Raudkivi253
260Analysis of Groundeater FlowA.J. Raudkivi254
261Strength of MaterialsR.C. Stephens255
262Strength of Materials: Theory and ExamplesR.C. Stephens256
263Strength of Materials: Theory and ExamplesR.C. Stephens257
264Strength of Materials: Theory and ExamplesR.C. Stephens258
265Site Surveying and LevellingJohn Clancy259
266Site Surveying and LevellingJohn Clancy260
267Asphaltic Road MaterialsL.W. Hatherly261
268Asphaltic Road MaterialsL.W. Hatherly262
269A Geology for EngineersF.G.H. Blyth263
270A Geology for EngineersF.G.H. Blyth264
271A Geology for EngineersF.G.H. Blyth265
272A Geology for EngineersF.G.H. Blyth266
273European Recommendations for Steel ConstructionECCS267
274European Recommendations for Steel Construction: Section 4.6 Buckling of ShellsECCS., England.268
275European Recommendations for Steel Construction: Section 4.6 Buckling of ShellsECCS., England.269
276European Recommendations for Steel ConstructionECCS., 270
277Research and Development in Steel ConstructionTechnical General Secretariat of ECCS271
278Research and Development in Steel ConstructionTechnical General Secretariat of ECCS272
279Dictionary of Soil Mechanics and Foundation EngineeringJohn A. Barker273
280Dictionary of Soil Mechanics and Foundation EngineeringJohn A. Barker274
281Slipform ConcreteR.G. Batterham275
282Material and Structures. R. Whilow276
283Concrete Structures: Repair, Waterproofing and ProtectionPhilip H. Perkins277
284Wind Effects on Buildings: Statistics and MeteorologyT.V. Lawson279
285Wind Effects on Buildings: Design ApplicationsT.V. Lawson280
286Wind Effects on Buildings: Design ApplicationsT.V. Lawson281
287Wind Effects on Buildings: Statistics and MeteorologyT.V. Lawson282
288Developments in Highway Pavement Engineering-1Peter S. Pell283
289Developments in Highway Pavement Engineering-1Peter S. Pell284
290Developments in Highway Pavement Engineering-2Peter S. Pell285
291Developments in Highway Pavement Engineering-2Peter S. Pell286
292Developments in Concrete Technology-1F.D. Lydon287
293Developments in Concrete Technology-1F.D. Lydon288
294Common building defects diagnoses & remedy. National Building Ajency 289
295Civil Engineering DrawingGurcharan Singh, Subhash Chandr Sharma290
296Dictionary of Civil EngineeringD. N. Ghose292
297Design of Concrete Structure Arthur H Nilson, Devid Darwin, Charles W. Dolan291
298Dictionary of Soil Mechanics and Foundation EngineeringJohn A. Barker293
299Developments in Soil Mechanics-IC.R. Scott (Ed.)294
300Developments in Soil Mechanics-IC.R. Scott (Ed.)295
301Stability Problems in Engineering Structures and ComponentsT.H. Richards (Ed.)298
302Stability Problems in Engineering Structures and ComponentsT.H. Richards (Ed.)299
303Developments in Prestressed Concrete-1F. Sawko300
304Developments in Prestressed Concrete-1F. Sawko (Ed.)301
305Developments in Prestressed Concrete-2F. Sawko302
306Developments in Prestressed Concrete-2F. Sawko (Ed.)303
307Developments in Soil Mechanics-IC.R. Scott (Ed.)304
308Design of Building FramesJohn S. Gero305
309Design of Building FramesJohn S. Gero306
310Computing in Structural EngineeringJ. E. Gibson307
311Computing in Structural EngineeringJ.E. Gibson308
312Pavements and Surfacings for Highways and AirportsMichel Sargious309
313Pavements and Surfacings for Highways and AirportsMichel Sargious310
314Structural and Cut-off Diaphragm WallsR.G.H. Boyes311
315Structural and Cut-off Diaphragm WallsR.G.H. Boyes312
316Limit-State Design of Prestressed ConcreteY. Guyon313
317Limit-State Design of Prestressed Concrete: The Design of the MemberY. Guyon314
318New Concrete Technologies and Building DesignA.M. Neville315
319Building Design for Energy EconomyThomas Barker (Director)317
320Building Design for Energy EconomyThomas Barker (Director)318
321Fibre Reinforced Cement & Concrete Adam Neville (Ed.)319
322Fibre Reinforced Cement & Concrete Adam Neville (Ed.)319-A
323Properties of Building MaterialsH.J. Eldridge320
324Properties of Building MaterialsH.J. Eldridge321
325Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: CEB Manual of Design and TechnologyCEB., England322
326Buckling and InstabilityCEB/FIP Manual323
327Geometry of Structural FormsAdrian Gheorghiu324
328Geometry of Structural FormsAdrian Gheorghiu325
329Materials and Building ResearchMarie Geudelin326
330Building Production and Project ManagementR.A.Burgess327
331Manual of Tropical Housing and Building: Climatic DesignO.H. Joenigsberger328
332Analysis of Structures by the Force-Displacement MethodM. Smolira329
333Analysis of Structures by the Force-Displacement MethodM. Smolira330
334Desing Graphs for Brick/Block Double Skin Panel WallsC. Wilby331
335Design Graphs for Brick/Block Double Skin Panel WallsC. Wilby332
336An Introduction to Soil Mechanics and FoundationsC.R. Scott333
337An Introduction to Soil Mechanics and FoundationsC.R. Scott334
338Design Tables for Beams on Elastic Foundations and Related Structural ProblemsK.T. Sundara Raja Iyengar335
339Design Tables for Beams on Elastic Foundations and Related Structural ProblemsK.T. Sundara Raja Iyengar336
340Lightweight ConcreteAndrew Short337
341Lightweight ConcreteAndrew Short338
342Calcium Chloride in ConcreteV.S. Ramachandran339
343Calcium Chloride in ConcreteV.S. Ramachandran340
344Ambient Energy and Building DesignJ.E. Randell (Ed.)341
345Ambient Energy and Building DesignJ.E. Randell (Ed.)342
346Building Materials: Proceedings of the 1980 European ConferenceV.M. Bhatnagar (Ed.)343
347Java 2 cerification Study Guide Simon Roberts , Philp heller 344
348LIGHT WEIGHT CONCRETE: Papers Presented at the 2nd International Congress on Lightweight Concrete 1980The Concrete Society345
349DiscussionThe Concrete Society346
350Sprayed ConcreteThe Concrete Society347
351Fibrous ConcreteThe Concrete Society348
352AdmixturesConcrete International349
353Concrete Admixtures: Use and ApplicationsM.R. Rixom350
354Theory & Design of Irrigation Structures: Channels and Tubewells (Volume 1)R.S. Varshney350-A
355RoadsR.G. Batson351
356Wood in ConstructionBarry A. Richardson351
357RoadsR.G. Batson352
358Wood PreservationBarry A. Richardson352
359The Strength Properties of TimberMCP Construction 1974353
360RoadsR.G. Batson354
361Housing the Family: Living TodayMargaret Cullen354-A
362Steel Designers’ ManualConstrado (Dir.)355
363Steel Designers’ ManualConstrado (Dir.)356
364Java 2 CompleteSimon Roberts , Philp heller 357
365Steel Designers’ ManualConstrado (Dir.)358
366Steel Designers’ ManualConstrado (Dir.)359
367Design of Steel StructuresDr.BC Punmia 360
368Soil Sampling and Soil DescriptionJ.M. Hodgson361
369Soil Sampling and Soil DescriptionJ.H. Hodgson362
370House Construction: A Practical Guide for Non-Technical PeopleThe National Building Agency363
371House Construction: A Practical Guide for Non-Technical PeopleThe National Building Agency364
372Structural Steelwork Calculations and DetailingT.J. MacGinley365
373Structural Steelwork Calculations and DetailingT.J. MacGinley366
374StructuresW.T. Marshall368
375Fluid MechanicsRuth H. Rogers369
376Fluid MechanicsRuth H. Rogers370
377Design of Steel StructuresS. K. Duggal371
378Soil MechanicsM.J. Smith372
379Soil MechanicsM.J. Smith373
380Soil MechanicsM.J. Smith374
381Cost Control in the Construction IndustryJ. Gobourne375
382Lightweight Building ConstructionGyula Sebestyen376
383Lightweight Building ConstructionGyula Sebestyen377
384Construction Principles: 1. FunctionD.A.G Reid378
385Construction Principles: 1. FunctionD.A.G Reid379
386Tendering & Estimating ProceduresJohn A. Milne380
387Materials and StructuresM.J. Smith381
388Materials and StructuresM.J. Smith382
389Theory of StructuresB.J. Bell383
390Theory of StructuresM.J. Smith384
391Fluid MechanicsR.H. Dugdale385
392Fluid MechanicsR.H. Dugdale386
393Photoshope -4Linda Rinchards387
394SurveyingR.H. Dugdale388
395Design of Reinforced Concrete ElementsR.W. Clements389
396Design of Reinforced Concrete ElementsR.W. Clements390
397Building in Hot Climates: A Selection of Overseas Building NotesOverseas Division, U.K.391
398Building in Hot Climates: A Selection of Overseas Building NotesOverseas Division, U.K.392
399Advanced Batch File ProgrammingDan Gookin 393
400Understanding CBurce H. Hunter395
401Visual Basic Anthony T. Mann396
402Fluid Mechanics: A Laboratory CourseM.A. Plint397
403Engineering properties of soil & ROCK.F.G.Bell398
404Engineering Properties of Soils and RocksF.G. Bell399
405Introduction to Building ManagementR.E. Calvert400
406Joints in BuildingsBruce Martin 401
407Joints in BuildingsBruce Martin 402
408Practical Site ManagementGeorge Hedley403
409Practical site management George Hedley and Chris Garrett404
410Formwork to ConcreteC.K. Austin405
411Reinforced Concrete FundamentalsPhil M. Ferguson406
412Reinforced Concrete FoundationsBrian J. Bell407
413Engineering MechanicsJ.L.Meriam and L.G. Kraige408
414Fluid MechanicsR.H. Dugdale408-A
415Fluid MechanicsR.H. Dugdale409
416A Guide to Soil MechanicsMalcolm Bolton410
417Instrumentation, Monitoring and Surveillance: Embankment DamsA.D.M. Penman411
418Students Structural HandbookW. Morgan412
419Students Structural HandbookW. Morgan413
420The Solar HouseP.R. Sabady414
421Advanced Theory of StructuresBrian J. Bell415
422Advanced Theory of Structures: Examination Subjects for Engineers and BuildersBrian J. Bell416
423Soil MechanicsM.J. Smith417
424Soil MechanicsM.J. Smith418
42532- Bit Window ProgrammingBen Ezzell419
426Materials for BuildingLyall Addleson420
427Materials for BuildingLyall Addleson421
428Materials for BuildingLyall Addleson422
429Building Maintenance and PreservationEdward D. Mills (Ed.)426
430Structural SteelworkF.W. Lambert427
431Structural SteelworkF.W. Lambert428
432Soil Survey: Air Photo-interpretation for Soil MappingD.M. Carroll429
433Soil Survey: Air Photo-interpretation for Soil MappingD.M. Carroll430
434Air & Rain Penetration of BuildingsPaul Marsh431
435Reinforced and Prestressed Microconcrete ModelsF.K. Garas (Ed.)432
436Reinforced and Prestressed Microconcrete ModelsF.K. Garas (Ed.)433
437World SoilsE.M. Bridges434
438World SoilsE.M. Bridges435
439Plastic Theory of StructuresMichael R. Horne436
440Plastic Theory of StructuresMichael R. Horne437
441Treasure of RCC DesignsSushil Kumar438
442Plastic Design of FramesBaker & Heyman439
443Plastic Design of Frames : 2 ApplicationsJacques Heyman440
444Plastic Design of Frames : 2 ApplicationsJacques Heyman441
445An Introduction to Soil Mechanics and FoundationsC.R. Scott442
446Structural Engineering & Construction: Advances and Practice in East Asia & the PacificW. Kanok-Nukulchai443
447Structural Engineering & Construction: Advances and Practice in East Asia & the PacificW. Kanok-Nukulchai444
448Structural Engineering & Construction: Advances and Practice in East Asia & the PacificW. Kanok-Nukulchai445
449Steel Structures V. N Vazirani, M M Ratwani446
450Principal of Engineering Economy AnalysisJohn A. White, Marvin H. Agaa447
451Solution of Problems in StructuresW.T. Marshall448
452Design of Steel StructuresPasala Dayaratnam449
453Computer system AchitectureM. Morris Mano450
454International Colloquium on Concrete in Developing Countries, December 16-18, 1985, Lahore, PakistanM. Saeed Mirza451
455International Colloquium on Concrete in Developing Countries, December 16-18, 1985, Lahore, PakistanM. Saeed Mirza452
456Islam and Evolution of ScienceMuhammad Saud453
457Pakistan Science Confrence(urdu)Dr. Waheed Qurasi454
458Worked Examples in Construction ManagementFrank Harris455
459Reinforced Concrete Design by ComputerR. Hulse456
460Earth Reinforcement and Soil StructuresColin JFP Jones457
461Evaluation of Life safety risks related to sever floodingSaqib Ehsan458
462An Introduction to the Finite Element Method using Basic ProgramsD.K. Brown459
463Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete: Beams, Columns, Frames & Applications in BuildingR.P. Johnson460
464Finite Element Analysis C S Krishnamoorthy461
465Construction Technology at level I and IIB.H.C. Sutton462
466Fundamentals of Soil MEchanicsThe Late Donalt W. Taylor463
467Cement Replacement Materials: Concrete Technology & DesignR.N. Swamy (Ed.)464
468 Design of Composite Steel-Concrete StructuresLloyd C.P. Yam465
469New Concrete MaterialsR.N. Swamy (Ed.)466
470New Reinforced Concretes: Concrete Technology & DesignR.N. Swamy (Ed.)467
471the ABC’s AutolispGeoge Omura468
472Structural AnalysisRussell C. Hibbeler469
473Design of Prestressed Concrete StructuresT.Y.Lin470
474Turobo C++Nabajyoti Barkakati471
475Learn 3D Graphics programming on the PCRichard F. Ferraro472
476Structural Analysis on MicrocomputersChu-Kia Wang473
477Advanced Engineering MathematicsErwin Kreyszig474
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1007Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
1008Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
1009Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
1010Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
1011Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
1012Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
1013Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
1014Analysis of Structures: Stiffness MethodDr. Saeed Ahmad2165
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1085Handbook for EngineersAbdul Majid2263
1086Handbook for EngineersAbdul Majid2264
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1096Design of Wood Structures ASD/LRFDDonald E. Breyer2277
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1101Design of Prestressed ConcreteArthur H. Nilson2283
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1162Design of Concrete StructuresArthur H. Nilson2352
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1164Structural Analysis: Using Classical and Matrix MethodsJack C. McCormac2354
1165Structural Analysis: Using Classical and Matrix MethodsJack C. McCormac2355
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1167Strength of MaterialsWilliam Nash2357
1168Visual BasicByron S. Gottfried2358
1169Visual BasicByron S. Gottfried2359
1170Ground water HydrologyDavid K. Todd2360
1171Groundwater HydrologyDavid K. Todd2361
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1215Analysis & Design of Substructures: Limit State DesignSwami Saran2407
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1217Fundamentals of Structural AnalysisKenneth M. Leet2408
1218Analysis, Design & Construction of Steel Space FramesG.S.Ramaswamy2408-A
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1221Concrete BridgesPaul E. Mondorf2411
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1224Evaluation & Development of Ground WaterGautam Mahajan2414
1225Fibre Reinforced Cementitious CompositesArnon Bentur2415
1226Foundation Engineering handbookRobert W. Day2416
1227Fundamental Building TechnologyAndrew J. Charlett2417
1228Fundamentals of HydrologyTim Davit2418
1229Future Flooding & Coastal Erosion RisksColin R. Thorne (Ed.)2419
1230Groundwater ScienceCharles R. Fitts2420
1231Engineering Drawing & DesignCecil Jensen2421
1232Internal Erosion of Dams & Their FoundationsRobin Fell (Ed.)2423
1233Landslides & Climate Change: Challenges & SolutionsR. McInnes (Ed.)2425
1234Management of Deteriorating concrete structuresgeorge Sonerville 2426
1235Construction Codes & Inspection HandbookGil L. Taylor2427
1236Practical HydraulicsMelvyn Kay2428
1237Prestressed Concrete Bridges: Design & ConstructionNigel R. Hewson2429
1238Reservoir Engineering HandbookTarek Ahmed2430
1239Residential Construction Problem SolverBart Jahnm2431
1240Smart structures innovation systems Frankin Y.Cheng, Hongping Jiang, Kangyu Lou 2432
1241Steel Structures: Practical Design StudiesHassan K. Al Nageim2433
1242Steel-Concrete Composite BridgesDavid Collings2434
1243Understanding Building FailuresJames Douglas2435
1244Engineering Mechanics StaticsJ.L. Meriam, L.G. Kraige2436
1245Strength of materialWilliam Nash2437
1246Design of Concrete StructuresArthur H. Nilson2438
1247Design of Concrete StructuresArthur H. Nilson2439
1248Groundwater HydrologyDavid K. Todd2440
1249Schaum outlines visual basic. Byron S. Gottfried2441
1250Visual BasicByron S. Gottfried2442
1251Geotechnical Earthquake EngineeringIkuo Towhata2443
1252Geotechnical Earthquake EngineeringIkuo Towhata2444
1253Alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete roads & bridgesGraham West2445
1254Concrete Technology: Materials Science of ConcreteJan Skalny2446
1255Dams and IrrigationM.L. Narasaiah2447
1256Disaster Management: Text & Case StudiesD.B.N. Murthy2448
1257Estimating for Residential ConstructionDavid Pratt2450
1258Geotechnology Compendium IJames Sullivan2451
1259Ground Dynamics & Man-Made ProcessesB.O.Skipp (Ed.)2452
1260Ground Water Assessment Development & ManagementK. R. Karanth2453
1261Interfacial Transition Zone in ConcreteJ.C. Maso2454
1262Introduction to Hydraulics & HydrologyJohn E. Gribbin2455
1263Power Plant EngineeringC. Elanchezhian2456
1264Principoles of HydrologyR. C. Ward2457
1265Reinforced Soil & its Engineering ApplicationsSwami Saran2458
1266Risk & Reliability in Ground EngineeringB.O.Skipp (Ed.)2459
1267Reinforced Concrete DesignNoel J. Everard2460
1268Shell Structures in Civil & Mechanical EngineeringAlphose Zingoni2461
1269Soil, their properties & management.PE.V. Charman, B.W. Murphy2462
1270Structural Dynamics for EngineersH. A. Buchholdt2463
1271Surveying for Constrction Villiam Irvine 2464
1272Torsteel Design HandbookK.T.S.Iyengar2465
1273Transport, Engineering & ArchitectureHug Collis2466
1274Transport Processes & Separation Process PrinciplesChristie John Geankoplis2467
1275Geotechnical & Geophysical Site CharacterizationAn-Bin Huang (Ed)2468
1276Disaster Mitigation & Management:Post-Tsunami PerspectivesP.Jegadish Gandhi2469
1277Concrete TechnologyA.M. Neville2471
1278Concrete TechnologyA.M. Neville2471
1279Reynolds’s Reinforced Concretge Designer’s HandbookCharles E. Reynolds2473
1280Dynamics of StructuresAnil K. Chopra2474
1281Power Plant EngineeringC. Elanchezhian2476
1282Reinforced Soil & its Engineering ApplicationsSwami Saran2477
1283Skimming WellsMuhammad Mazhar Saeed2478
1284International Seminar on Tunnelling, Deep Excavations & Substructures, Oct. 9-11, 2008, LahorePGES, UET., & ISSMGE2479
1285International Seminar on Tunnelling, Deep Excavations & Substructures, Oct. 9-11, 2008, LahoreUET & PGES2479
1286Manual of R.C. Designs for Building’s Structural MembersMohammad Rafique2481
1287Building Codes of Pakistan. Govt. of Pakistan2483
1288International Conference on Water Resources Engg. & ManagementShakir A. S.2484
1289R.C.C. Design and DrawingNeelam Sharma2485
1290Engineering & General GeologyParbin Singh2486
1291Fluid MechanicsVictor L. Streeter2487
1292Elementary Fluid MechanicsJohn K. Vennard2488
1293Fluid MechanicsArthur G. Hansen2489
1294Mechanics of FluidsIrving H. Shames2490
1295An Introduction to Engineering Fluid MechanicsJ. A. Fox2491
1296Principoles of Fluid MechanicsWen-Hsiung Li2492
1297Modern Methods of Structural Analysis using MATLABBashir Ahmed Memon2494
1298Soil MechanicsR.F. Craig2510
1299Soil Mechanics Solution ManualR.F. Craig2511
1300Theory & Practice of Foundation DesignN.N. Som2512
1301An Introduction to Geothechnical Engineering Roberet D. Holtz and Villiam D. Kovacs2513
1302a short Course in Foundation Engineering N.E. Simon B.K. Menzies2514