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The department has adequate research facilities for the postgraduate students and the faculty. Priority of the department has been given towards solution of different problems faced by the public/private sectors in the field of civil engineering in the county.
The faculty members are engaged in a variety of research programmes such as low cost housing, use of indigenous materials, soil stability, pneumatic techniques, seepage, control of water logging and salinity, sedimentation in channels and reservoir, river flood hydraulics, treatment of industrial waste and development of computer software for civil engineering problem.
The department has several research laboratories and research centers where conducive environment is provided for the research students.

Presently, about 75 students are busy in their M.Sc. research and about 17 Ph.D scholars are working on their Ph.D. research projects. In the department, there are three main divisions:

1. Structural Engineering Group
2. Hydraulic & Irrigation Engineering Group
3. Geotechnical Engineering Group

The Department organizes seminars, workshops, national and international conferences on the topics of national, international importance related to civil engineering, where the faculty and the students actively participate.

Research Grants

Sr.Name of the Funded ProjectName of Funding AgencyAmount of Funding
(Million Rupees)
1Performance evaluation of multiple aerators installed in series at high head overflow spillways: case studyHigher Education Commission, NRPU8Prof. Dr. Noor M. Khan
Prof. Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman
Dr. Kaleem
2An environmental friendly cementless concrete for future construction in Pakistan: Geopolymer concrete a sustainable approachHigher Education Commission, CPEC8Dr. Qasim Shaukat Khan
3Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Bridge Infrastructure: A sustainable, cost-effective and Multidisciplinary ApproachHigher Education Commission, NRPU7.9Dr. M. Mazhar Saleem
4Development of Sustainable Construction Materials and Products Using Multiscale Experimental-Higher Education Commission, NRPU6.7Dr. M. Irfan ul Hassan
5Development of Pavers and Masonry Blocks by 100% Recycling of Waste Concrete: A Way Forward to Sustainable DevelopmentHEC Pakistan6.5Prof. Dr. Rashid Hameed
Dr. Rizwan Riaz
6Development of unburnt, ecofriendly, interlocking masonry units incorporating industrial wastes: A way forward to low-cost housingHigher Education Commission, NRPU4.7Dr. Ali Ahmed
Dr. Safeer Abbas
Dr. Wasim Abbass
7Mitigation of Alkali Silica Reaction using Waste Materials: A Sustainable ApproachHigher Education Commission, NRPU4.5Dr. Safeer Abbas
Dr. Ali Ahmed
8Conservation of Cultural Heritage Structures by Monitoring of VibrationsHigher Education Commission, NRPU3.6Dr. Rizwan Azam
Dr. Rizwan Riaz
9Hydraulic Investigation and Design of entrance profile for High Head Orifice SpillwaysHigher Education Commission, NRPU3.3Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman
10Development of cementless recycled aggregate concrete in Pakistan: A sustainable ApproachHigher Education Commission, NRPU2.9Dr. Qasim Shaukat Khan
11Challenges posed by swelling clays and their mitigation using industrial wastes: A sustainable solutionHigher Education Commission, NRPU2.8Dr. Hassan Mujtaba Shahzad
Prof. Dr. Khalid Farooq
12Development of guidelines for the use of FRP pipes in PakistanHigher Education Commission, NRPU1.6Dr. Nauman Khurram
Dr. Usman Akmal
13An environmental friendly solution for sustainable future construction: Geopolymer ConcreteHigher Education Commission of Pakistan0.5Dr. Qasim Shaukat Khan &
Prof. Dr. Asad Ullah Qazi
14Development of Sustainable and Economical Coal Ash Bricks: Alternative to Conventional Burnt Clay BricksHigher Education Commission, SRGP0.5Dr. Waseem Abbass
Dr. Safeer Abbas

Sr..Name of the Funded ProjectName of Funding AgencyAmount of FundingInvestigators
1Rapid Assessment of stream data for Flood and Drought ManagementUNESCOUS $ 78,434/-Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman
2Extending Flood Warning and Management Capacity of Pakistan and Indus River Basin CountriesUNESCOUS $ 53,954/-Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman
3Mechanical and Hydraulic Characteristics of Filters in Embankment Dams under Complex Loading ConditionsKey R&D Program of Ningxia Hui Autonomous RegionCHY 1.75 millionDr. Jahanzaib Israr


Sr.Name of Organization
1Riaz-ud-Din Engineering (pvt) Ltd.
2BinTariq Group
3Fiber Craft Industries
4SIKA (pvt) Ltd Lahore
5Pakistan Meteorological Department
6Imporient Chemicals (pvt) Ltd Lahore
7Habib Construction Services Pakistan
8Pakistan Railway
9P & D department Govt. of Punjab
10IZHAR Group of Companies

Sr.Activity TitleCollaborating UniversityResource Persons/ Department
1Exchange of academic, administrative staff and researchers Exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students Cooperative research Exchange of academic information, materials and publicationsKoblenz University of Applied Sciences GermanyProf. Dr. Habib ur Rehman
2Exchange of academic, administrative staff and researchers Exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students Cooperative research Exchange of academic information, materials and publicationsYokohama National University (YNU)Dr. Nauman Khurram
3Belt Road InitiativeTianjin Chengjiang UniversityCivil Engineering Department
4Memorandum of Understanding for Research DevelopmentDr. Tarunjit Butalia The Ohio State UniversityProf. Dr. Khalid Farooq

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