International Seminar on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

The Civil Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore in collaboration with The City and Regional Planning Department and the Department of Civil Engineering at Yokohama National University organized a one-day International Seminar on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. The program’s schedule was rich in content, covering a spectrum of topics vital to disaster resilience. Prof. Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman delivered the inaugural speech in which he signified the impact of floods on human life and infrastructure. Professor Dr. Akira HOSODA, Director of Research Center for Disaster Mitigation at Yokohama National University, delved into the development of long-life and eco-friendly concrete structures – essential elements for creating a resilient and sustainable society. Engr. Sohail Kibria, Head of R&D at NESPAK, addressed the mechanics of landslides, focusing on failure mechanisms and mitigation strategies.

Prof. Mihoko MATSUYUKI from Yokohama National University highlighted community empowerment for flood resilience, while Prof. Dr. Atiq ur Rehman from Lahore College Women University presented an intriguing approach to addressing domestic food security through participatory urban farming. Prof. Dr. Khalid Farooq, Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at UET Lahore, discussed geotechnical characterization and zonation to mitigate damages caused by swelling clays.

From the international presenters’ side, Prof. Mamoru KIKUMOTO of Yokohama National University discussed the intriguing micro-mechanics of granular media, particularly focusing on the effect of particle shape on granular response. Dr. Satoshi KOMATSU, also from Yokohama National University, shared advancements in seismic verification methods for underground reinforced concrete structures. Engr. Ehtesham Mehmood, a postgraduate student, presented his work on developing a rockfall hazard rating system, while Engr. Ubaid Ahmad, another postgraduate student, discussed strategies for disaster mitigation in confined masonry construction.

The seminar also provided an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of the speakers. Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman (Vice Chancellor, UET Lahore), along with Prof. Dr. Khalid Farooq (Chairmen, Civil Engineering Department at UET, Lahore) and Prof. Mihoko MATSUYUKI (Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering, YNU, Japan) presented certificates to the presenters, recognizing their dedication to advancing disaster prevention and mitigation strategies.

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