Exploring Steel Fabrication: A Field Trip to RECO Steel with the Civil Engineering Department

Members of the esteemed Civil Engineering Department, including both faculty and graduate students, embarked on a captivating field trip to RECO Steel’s Fabrication Facility in Lahore, immersing themselves in a comprehensive exploration tailored to their Steel Structures course. The RECO team, spearheaded by the knowledgeable individuals Engr Abdul Manan and Engr Riaz ud din, orchestrated an insightful tour of the facility, eagerly addressing all inquiries posed by our eager students.

The visit left an indelible impression, marking an invaluable educational experience. The department extends heartfelt gratitude for the gracious luncheon provided by RECO Steel, which further enhanced the overall learning opportunity. Such initiatives foster a stronger bond between academia and industry, paving the way for academic excellence.