Dr. Ali Ahmed’s Return: Graduating from the University of Alabama’s Teaching and Learning Practices Course

It is our distinct pleasure to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Ali Ahmed, our esteemed Associate Professor within the Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. Ali Ahmed has returned following the successful culmination of an immersive nine-month educational journey, delving into the intricacies of “Principles and Practices of Effective Teaching – Teaching and Learning” at the prestigious University of Alabama in the United States, generously sponsored by the Higher Education System Strengthening Activity (HESSA) program initiative by USAID. Notably, this achievement represents Dr. Ali Ahmed’s second significant milestone in the field of teaching and learning, with his prior accomplishment being the “Teaching and Learning STEM” course, administered by the esteemed British Council of the United Kingdom back in 2017.


In the context of engineering education, the significance of these courses is paramount. They serve as a conduit for advancing teaching excellence, providing educators with the latest methodologies and strategies that empower them to deliver not only more engaging but also more effective lessons. The impact isn’t one-sided; it extends to students who reap the benefits of an enhanced learning environment. These courses arm instructors with the principles of effective teaching, leading to a more enriching and interactive learning experience for their students. Moreover, in a field as dynamic as engineering, keeping pace with contemporary teaching practices is essential. It stimulates innovative thinking and the cultivation of problem-solving skills among students. Additionally, international programs of this nature, such as the ones Dr. Ali Ahmed completed, bring a global perspective to local classrooms. They introduce diverse viewpoints and global best practices, thereby enriching the educational landscape and promoting a more comprehensive understanding of the field.

The completion of such courses is a testament to our commitment to providing top-quality education. Welcome back, Dr. Ali, and we look forward to the knowledge and expertise you’ll bring to other faculty members and our students! 🎉📖👨‍🏫

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