Field Trip: Witnessing Mangla Power House Upgradation!

Recently, the 5th-semester Civil Engineering undergraduates (Session 2021) embarked on an eye-opening tour to the Mangla Power House as part of the Mangla Rehabilitation Project. The main purpose was to witness the installation process of two new turbines that are set to revolutionize the power generation here.

Led by the esteemed Dr. Ehtesham Mehmood and Dr. M. Kashif, this tour provided a rare, hands-on experience for students eager to delve into the world of power house upgradation. The sight of these massive turbines being meticulously installed was an unparalleled educational opportunity, offering invaluable insights into the practical application of their engineering studies.

From understanding the intricate mechanics to observing the precision involved in the installation process, this tour not only expanded their knowledge but also ignited a newfound passion for the intricacies of power generation.

This tour will undoubtedly remain a cherished memory, shaping the future endeavors of these budding civil engineers!